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How To: Choose Task Lighting

Task lighting is, as its name suggests, a light designed to help complete individual tasks, namely reading or writing. Appropriately selecting and placing the correct level of illumination can enhance the ability to see important details. The ability to see depends on the amount and quality of light reflected from an object back into our eyes. The lower the lighting, the less light will be reflected, ultimately prohibiting our ability to see. Since working at a desk often requires focus on smaller objects, such as text, an adequate amount of light is important.

How to: Choose task lighting  

Overall illumination of a room is a good starting point, but often needs to be enhanced by a task lamp for a work area. By the time the overhead light travels the distance from the ceiling, it becomes unfocused and too dim for seeing small details.

Finding the right task lamp depends on the individual. The advantage of an adjustable task lamp is the personal control it gives. Levels of light can be adjusted for the individuals comfort. This is especially useful when working beside a window. As the light changes throughout the day, from morning to evening, it is important that the lighting levels of a task lamp can also be altered. Adjustable task lamps allow for the angle of light to be positioned to avoid glare or reflections.

How to: Choose task lighting 

EQ3 brings you Pablo’s Brazo lamp – an excellent option offering a fully adjustable shade featuring 260 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt range, this task lamp promotes fully controlled light. The luminous energy efficient LED light source can be dialed in to any desired bean spread and brightness for true customization.

In an effort to avoid glare, when placing your task light, it is important that it is located to the side of the task and not in front. To avoid shadows, the lamp should be placed on your left side if you are right handed and vise versa.  For the environmentally conscious, task lamps are also helpful in saving energy as less ambient lighting is required and often use energy efficient LED bulbs.