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Over the past two years we have expanded our partnership with a team of artisans in India which has allowed us to offer a wide variety of handmade rugs, including a made-to-order custom rug program.

Our accessories product coordinator recently visited India to learn about the culture and techniques surrounding rug manufacturing. She was able to work alongside the craftspeople who would soon  be making our new line of rugs. The experience proved to be unparalleled, and so inspiring that upon her return back to EQ3 head office she spent months describing the intricacies of rug making,  and the talented individuals she met.

Handmade Rugs 

Her enthusiasm could have seemed overzealous but the delicacies of this craft demand enthusiasm.  Each rug is handmade by one artisan who specializes in a particular technique and often times, was born into their craft. Each technique, including hand looming, pit looming, hand tufting and hand woven require a great deal of skill, knowledge and muscle memory – years of apprenticeship are required. Masters in their craft will have been honing  their skills for decades.

The makers treat each rug as a tapestry – a piece of  art. As there is no mass production or batch runs,  there will be slight deviations from one to another. Every maker has their own signature style whether it  be a slight twist of the thread or the way they finish each knot – these deviations are ones we will likely never notice, but ensure each piece is unique.

The knowledge and education that our team is willing to share with us is truly inspiring. The individuals we work with are often collaborating on our designs and suggesting new ways to achieve our goals.