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Interview with 45K

45 Kilo 

Phillip Schöpfer and Daniel Klapsing, the Berlinbased designers behind the 45 Kilo moniker, are self proclaimed “super normal people” who have an innate understanding of the type of furniture people want to live with. Folding together woods, metals, stone and copper into uncomplicated shapes, their aesthetic is striking but not flashy, current but not trendy, and is helping them make a name for themselves with their concise line of furniture and lighting. They cite functionality as their main inspiration and will often spend months re-building the same piece in their workshop until they strip away everything but the essentials.

This traditionally Modernist approach to design could stem back to their education at the Bauhaus University. The Modernist breeding ground, often described as the birthplace of Modernsim, was founded by Walter Gropius and later headed by Mies van der Rohe. Since its initial closure in 1933 the school has gone through a variety of incarnations and focuses. Today school acts as an incubator for creativity, encouraging exploration beyond the confines of strict Modernism. However, as the building itself is a relic of the pre-war Modernist heyday it is impossible to ignore the schools founding principles ingrained into its architecture. According to Daniel, “studying at the Bauhaus-University forces you to regard your own body of work in the wider context of art and design history. Somehow being there motivates you to create things that will last longer than yourself and that will have a certain impact.”  

The two designers, who describe their process as “putting ideas together, frying them up and seeing what comes out” are inspiring. They design each product as though it is for themselves – meticulously researching every material and production technique, finessing every detail and living with their prototypes for months. During our development of the Mesa dinette table it was very interesting to see their process at work. Like many great designs, the table was inspired by a girl – Phillip’s girlfriend had requested a simple dining table that would allow for her to easily seat guests in her starved-for space flat. Taking her requirements and  creating a simple, detail driven base, that ships easily and assembles even easier the final design is both functional and beautiful. We are excited to launch the Mesa table as the first of what we hope will be many 45 Kilo for EQ3 collaborations. We encourage you to learn more about the designers by visiting their website at: