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Each EQ3 sofa is customizable and made to order exclusively for you in our Winnipeg-based facility 

Our made-to-order model allows us to offer a consider- able amount of choice with each piece of upholstery. Although upholstery has an inherent, prescribed functionality, the pieces in our product line have a built-in open-endedness that gives way to infinite configurations and over 130 fabric and leather cover options.

EQ3 is a vertically integrated organization, which means our research and development team works alongside the skilled craftspeople who will be making your sofa, to optimize customization and quality in every piece. This relationship provides a forum to investigate how each seam of fabric will meet, how different fabrics will drape on their frames and how to keep the foam or feathers inside your sofa free of harmful fire-retardent chemicals. This process ensures that each piece meets our rigorous quality standards.

Our approach to designing and developing the pieces in our product line is highly personal – every decision is made with the end user in mind. We work to ensure that each piece is adaptable, comfortable and durable to suit your needs, whatever they may be. This approach is what drives our design, research and development teams to rigorously prototype, test, define and redefine the each piece of upholstery and eventually offer that to you.

We understand that not all spaces are the same. As our world changes the spaces which we inhabit and how we inhabit them are also changing. Our goal is to create upholstery collections that will work for someone living in a 600 square foot condo or 6,000 square foot house simply by changing the configuration of the pieces. By considering these spatial opportunities and designing configurable pieces accordingly (including newly introduced optional seat depths for our Eve collection) we offer pieces that can work for everyone, regardless of the size of your space.

Our goal is to do our best to offer you something that can be customized to fit your needs and wants, because ultimately, what we’re creating is something that will become a part of your life.


We are lucky to live in a place where uniqueness is celebrated, and hope that by providing you over 130 fabrics or leathers to choose from, your upholstered item will reflect your unique point of view and how you plan on living with your piece.

Fabrics and leathers are what we live in. The materials that envelop our bodies, whether it be our t-shirts or our sofa, must be meticulously considered to ensure that they offer superior comfort and durability. Our line of fabrics and leathers are carefully chosen with these factors in mind.

Our line of fabrics are rigorously tested for fading, pill- ing and abrasion to ensure that each fabric in our line can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Over the past few years we have assiduously edited and expand- ed our library of fabrics and leathers to offer a diverse and high quality assortment to choose from.

Last year we introduced Jet, our Italian performance fabric, in eight colour options.  Made of Trevira CS polyester which features inherent fire retardancy without the need of fire retardant chemical treatments, Jet is our most dynamic performance fabric. This year we have expanded our colours to include additional subdued and vibrant hues to round out the palette. In partner- ship with our Jet supplier, we have developed a her- ringbone and houndstooth pattern each offered in 11 colour-ways that are exclusive to EQ3.

After years of research and sourcing we are pleased to introduce Lana, our first wool felt featuring 70% recycled wool material in eight colour options. This Italian wool felt is soft, cozy and upholsters beautifully.

For the first time we will now have a full aniline leather with our Coachella range available in four colour ways. Aniline leather is the highest value leather consisting hides from southern Germany dairy cows that have been drum dyed to allow the natural grain to show through. Aniline leathers have a dual wax and oiled finish showcasing the natural beauty of each hide and are the epitome of luxury.

As we expand our choices of fabrics and leathers we are simultaneously expanding the creative ways in which to apply them to our pieces.

The Arie chair with its inviting feather seating, offers the choice of two different fabrics for the back and seat as well as a customizable zipper, resulting in 72,000 possible configurations.

Our Chiara chair is the first-ever piece to be upholstered with a structural cotton-duck canvas, available in five colour ways. The canvas works with any of our exist- ing leathers or fabrics resulting in a highly unique piece which features a feather seat and back and is grounded by a solid ash frame.

Our dedication to offering only the best fabrics and leathers works to further achieve our goal of creating products that lend themselves to customization so that in the end the piece that is made for you, reflects you.